Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Why is it that I just can't seem to pull off writing on my blog more than about once a month? Could it be my excruciatingly, painfully slow internet speed? Or the fact that I have nothing interesting to write? Or maybe I'm so busy cutting grass and pulling weeds that I can't seem to find the time? Hmmm. Maybe all of the above. And since only about three people even look at my blog I guess no one is really disappointed. But I was hoping that this would turn into a great way to keep a family history since I haven't written in my journal since 1997 and haven't put together a scrapbook since my kids learned to talk. Bummer. It's just not gonna happen. Oh well. Once a month is better than nothing.
So on to the latest...
My good friend Amy and her three kids came all the way to Robinson just to visit me. Amazing! I can count on ONE HAND how many friends have come to visit me here in the last 7 years. Actually, I think I can count them on one finger! It was so much fun to be with them. They are fun, smart, wonderful people who are a pleasure to be around. We had a great time just hanging out, swimming, taking pictures and spending some time in St. Louis seeing the sights. Thank you, Demkes, for visiting me. It meant the world.