Sunday, June 14, 2009

Broadway Debut

Friday night was my niece's Broadway debut! At 10 years old she has officially performed on Broadway. The real deal. And in "WICKED" no less! Here's how it all went down:
A couple months ago my brother and his wife took their daughter, Gabe, to NYC to see Wicked. By sheer coincidence they were attending on one of only 2 nights during the year that they auction off a walk-on role for charity. I won't tell you what my brother paid in order for his daughter to have this amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity...but I will say it was worth every cent! We got to go backstage and meet some of the cast and experience the hair and make-up, wardrobe and music preparations. The whole thing was exciting. After the performance Gabe came out of the stage door to adoring fans wanting her autograph. I think she may be hooked! We had a fabulous time with my brother and his family. We did all the things you are supposed to do while in NYC. Times Square, Central Park, shopping like crazy, walking everywhere. It was AWESOME! PLUS, I got a cute new bag. :)

Sophie and Gabe with the Wizard and Madame Morrible

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trip to AZ

I love to travel! I love everything about it. I love airports, flying, packing and seeing new things. I especially love seeing old friends.
Last week I took Sophie with me to visit some college friends in AZ. It was great to see them and so fun to observe their lives. So different from my own. I didn't have to cut the grass once! :) I especially enjoyed gleaning new ideas from them. Everything from decorating and fashion to food and family traditions. My sweet friend Amy was so generous with her time. She took us shopping, out to eat, to the movies, the waterpark, golfing and the indoor playground. She bought us gifts and even loaned me a car. Her family was so sweet and her kind husband even gave me excellent golfing tips. Sophie had a fabulous time with Amy's daughter Carly. Those girls have so much fun together. It was a blast to be with Monica, Amy and Missy as well for lunch at Sweet Cakes. I also got to eat lunch with my good friend Barbara. It is always so fun to visit with her. She it a total crack up. It was especially fun to look at old college pictures at Monica's house while she made us a delicious pasta and panini lunch. So weird that now our kids are the ones taking the college pics. Sigh. It was a blast and I can't wait for Amy and her kids to come visit me. I have a lot planned. Cow tipping to start.