Thursday, November 20, 2008

Landon's Hobby

Most teenagers have hobbies. I get that. Most parents have to drag their kids away from Xboxes, cell phones, facebook, and other sundry escapes that teenagers love and need (or so they think). Books are a big one for my kids. I have to drag them away to eat, sleep, do chores or study. They love their books. But here is one hobby that is tough to drag my son away from. This is Landon's latest copy of his Christmas arrangement. It is a work in progress-- and what a work it is. Every waking moment is spent slaving over these pages. Perfecting and playing. This is what this kid does for fun. He writes, erases, writes, erases until he has it just right. But then he adds more. It is quite something. If and when he ever finishes it I'll put it on youtube.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cincinnati Halloween

This year we decided to do Halloween right. We went to Cincinnati for my best friend's production of Macbeth! This friend, Jennifer Eliason, is the most talented, amazing person I know. And I know a lot of talented, amazing people! She is the director/producer of the Lawrenceburg Shakespeare Company run completely by teenagers. The teens do the acting, lighting, sound, etc. all directed by Jennifer. It was a magnificent performance punctuated just enough by modern music and choreography to keep even children interested and entertained. I can't say enough about how impressive it was. On Halloween night the adults went out to dinner while the kids dressed up as...I'm not sure what. I know there were some ghosts involved, but I'm not sure what the others were. We had fun taking senior pictures of Landon's friend Cody (see last two pictures of this post) and running around the city seeing the sights. Thanks, Eliasons, for a wonderful weekend!