Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cap'n Jack

When Sophie and I were in Alaska we met a guy who had a Parrotlet. What, you may well ask, is a Parrotlet? A Parrotlet is just as it sounds: A tiny Parrot. Smart. Cute. Funny. Can talk. Do tricks. Etc. When we got home she was determined to get one. We searched for a long time. They are not easy to find (hand-fed, 9 weeks old, male, had to be green, etc.) We finally found this one a few weeks ago and she bought him with her own money. She is teaching him to play dead as we speak. I'm not really a bird person, but this thing is adorable. It is fully grown and should live--if all goes well--30 years. My grandkids may be playing with Cap'n Jack!

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Pain In The...Side!

Friday morning I decided I really needed new turtlenecks. The closest place to shop anywhere other than WalMart (in case you haven't read the beginning of this blog)is 45 minutes away in Terre Haute, IN. So after dropping off Sophie at school I headed that way. While driving I noticed that I had a pain in my side. But mystery pains are nothing new to me, so I ignored it as I always do, unless there is someone nearby to complain to, which there wasn't. Actually, I did get my sister, Saam, on the phone long enough to tell her about it. Anyway, after getting what I needed at Old Navy (nice t-necks for only $15 and good color selection) I decided to walk around the mall just for kicks. I sat in the mall parking lot talking to my other sister Jenny on the phone while unknowingly de-charging my car. By the time we were done talking I had a dead battery and an ALMOST dead appendix. Okay, that was for dramatic effect. It wasn't really almost dead. But it did hurt. So I got some guy to charge my battery and I headed home. I took some Tylenol and got a nap. I felt okay by the time I got up. I got the kids from school and we made a plan to go see High School Musical III. Sidenote: My kids want me to say that they SO did not want to see that movie and that it is way uncool and that I forced them. Fine. I said it. But why don't you just ask them who paid for their OWN tickets, HHHMMMMM??????? Joe went to the movies with us, but as usual had to go to the ER before it even started. We only had one car with us and he didn't want to disturb my movie so he just asked a total stranger for a ride to the hospital. You can do that around here. He ended up doing 2 appendectomies. Mine should have been the third. I went to the ER after calling him in the OR and saying that I had appendicitis. He said he would meet me there when he was done. Well, he finally did...at 2:00 AM!!! Sheesh! I was ready to go by then and we told the ER that I would come back later if the pain got worse. Funny thing is, it never got worse. But Joe made me go back the next day because it never got better, either. To make a long story just slightly shorter, his partner Fred got to do the honors. I had my appendix removed. The best part of the story is that while wheeling me into the OR after being heavily sedated I asked if I was going to get a tattoo. The staff asked what I wanted and I said "One that says I Love Joe. And a flower on my hand." Sure enough, when I woke up I was surprised to see a flower tattoo on my left hand and a butterfly tattoo around my right wrist. But you should have seen my face when I saw this on my lower belly! I had no recollection of my request.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Vietnam 2008

Last December/January our family took a most amazing trip for 2 weeks to Vietnam. We went with our kids, our friend Thanh, Joe's mom, and 3 of Landon's friends from church/high school. There were 10 of us. It took Joe endless hours of planning for almost a year and he pulled it off seemlessly. We saw more of Vietnam than most people could in a month. Top to bottom. And then some. There were thousands of pictures. I put together my favorites and made about 35 collages for an album. That is what you are seeing here. It was truly the trip of a lifetime!

Vietnam 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Home From Turkey!

Annalise and her two cousins, Christina and Jackie, got to spend two weeks in Turkey thanks to their very generous, patient and fun grandparents who agreed to take them because "if they didn't see Turkey they would simply DIE." Do these girls know how to work it or what? I picked them up at the airport yesterday eager to hear all about the amazing and wonderful sights they enjoyed. After hearing about hotel antics and hot boys for two hours I finally had to interrupt to ask if they had actually SEEN any of Turkey? They assured me they had and that they had proof on their cameras. So today I sifted through the shots and found a few good ones. I had to sift because most of the card memory was filled with in-hotel-room photo shoots of the girls with all manner of hair-dos and wild make up going on. One thing we know for sure: they had a WONDERFUL time. Thank you, Meme and Bruce, for this amazing life experience that the girls will never forget.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Some favorite shots

These are just some of my favorite shots. The first four are of my little friend Addison. All the tutus are made by my talented sister, Saam. To see more of her wonderful work you can go to http://www.sweetmarguerite.com/
The last 5 shots are of my best friend's kids. She blew these up nice and big and hung them in her dining room.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My House

piano roomdining room
living room
my favorite chair
breakfast area
breakfast area
living room
This is my house. No, it isn't your eyes doing funny things and no, my walls are not really bent. I used my fisheye lens to get the widest view of things. It makes things bulbous and strange looking, hence the name "fisheye". But I kinda like it. It's quirky and makes my house look way bigger than it really is. For more info on where I live see the bottom of this post.