Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sophie's Day

Sophie will turn 11 on Tuesday. For her birthday she wanted a hot pink ipod. I think she is officially a tweener! We got her the ipod with a cake to match. I had to take close ups of the cake because the details were so great! She had a sleepover last night with her best buddies. Then this morning we went to the local airstrip where they were giving free airplane rides to kids. I was able to talk my way onto the plane even though I'm just slightly over the age of 17. Anyone who knows me isn't surprised by that little detail. I also talked the pilot into flying over my house so I could get some cool aerial shots of my neighborhood. It was really fun. Sophie's friend, Annie, had never been on a plane so that made it extra special. I'm also including a totally unrelated picture of a wall in my basement. I made this cork board and put all my favorite travel pictures on it. In the center is a beautiful graphic that my friend Amy gave me that says, "Love One Another" with a map of the world on it. On the sides are some handmade wall hangings from Vietnam. If you want to read the comments I wrote on the aerial shots you will want to click on the picture to enlarge it.


Staci said...

That is the cutest cake I have ever seen! Love the pics from the plane- what a great birthday party. Happy Birthday Sophie- you are so beautiful!

meeshw said...

So many things to comment on from this post...:)
First, darling cake.
Very cute daughter.
Love the travel board...been trying to think of something like this for my home to highlight trips.
Very cool on the free airplane rides.
Laughing at the mean neighbor comment.
And finally, are you kidding me have that much stinken space...that is so awesome!!!I used to wake up every morning to my neighbor yelling for her daughters to get up...that's how close my neighbor is...great photos from above!